October 28th: 2nd Annual Buzzed Badger Coffee Shop Trunk or Treat

October 28th: 2nd Annual Buzzed Badger Coffee Shop Trunk or Treat

Calling all kids, Halloween enthusiast, and artists to our Annual Trunk or Treat. Feel free to join in with trunk or treat by decorating your trunks and creating a safe environment for trick or treating with the kids of the community. And we are looking to focus on local artists. Bring Halloween themed or your latest piece to display and sell at this event. We also have space for another artist to display at the Buzzed Badger Coffee Shop.

Please RSVP on Facebook or text (719) 339-6133 to make sure we have enough food, candy, paint, and pumpkins.


Fall, Food, Fun, and Festive.  FREE SNACKS!!!!

Every person who comes gets one raffle ticket to enter to win up to 4 Buzzed Badger gift cards.

Pumpkin paintings; $10 to pick, paint, and take home gourde of choice.

The winning pumpkin design will get a $25 Buzzed Badger gift card.

Live Music with Jen Housholder

Live Music with Jen Housholder

Hous Band is an L.A. original band, and this will be Jen’s first performance in the Image result for stay with me jen housholderColorado Springs area. Jen Housholder, lead singer of Hous Band, will be performing an acoustic set at the Buzzed Badger Thursday night, September 28 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.! Come enjoy a night out with fabulous blends of coffee and treats, good fellowship with friends, and live music with Jen. If you’d like to hear some of Jen’s music, check out Hous Band’s album on iTunes called “Stay with Me”. https://www.reverbnation.com/housband/song/7669147-stay-with-me

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

It has been one heck of a year. Three friends with a crazy notion of creating a comfortable place to come by and simply hangout. We risked it all, I quit my job and my wife with her closet friend gave me their trust (and money) to open the Buzzed Badger on B Street. This area is very neglected in Colorado Springs, but we wanted to be a diamond in the rough. We kicked off the opening of the Buzzed Badger in 2016 at the American Legion Post 38’s Annual Suicide Prevention Poker Run and started our 2nd year on the same note. Within our first months, we held a trunk or treat, invited Made Media to discuss Presidential Candidates, and did several hikes with a few regulars. Plus I may or may not have learned how to make beer in the past 12 months…

Quite a few great connections in the Buzzed Badger on B Street. I have met authors, politicians, TEDX presenters, future leaders, awesome athletes, and kick butt soldiers in this little corner of the College Plaza (by 7/11 with the gas). To address the elephant in the room, this cornered space has had a checkered pass and known for not so great things. By the way, still looking for someone to show me how to smudge this space. DEAD. SERIOUS. I am not religious, but I am open to some good juju. The interesting people I have met have opened up a different world to me and excited to see where 2017/2018 takes this crew.

This 2nd year of Buzzed Badger is going to be just as full of great things. Jemarie and Shanyka have planned more comedy, music, poetry, and community this 2017/2018. Jemarie will be coaching a girl’s basketball at Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy for a 2nd year and performing her comedy in the coffee shop and at other venues in Colorado Springs. Shanyka will participate in Fort Carson’s Spartan Races and performing poetry at different venues. Together, the duo, will be starting a new podcast, playing rugby in COS, and hosting local musicians at The Buzzed Badger. Stay connected to our calendar at buzzedbadger.com.

Shout out to all the soldiers who have stopped by before leaving for whatever reason and  saying “hi” when you return. You all are in our minds and hearts. Thank you for all you do. Because we are not FB friends or talk on the regular, I haven’t forgotten…I still remember you.

Tickle my Funny Bone

Tickle my Funny Bone

Comedy night with the Alcordo’s at the Buzzed Badger this Thursday night. On September 14th from 7PM to 9PM, we will have an open mic. We ask performers to be at location between 6:30-6:45PM. “Comedy at the BB” is the first one we have hosted. One of the owners, Jemarie Alcordo, has performed at a few venues and she wants to create an environment for all levels of comedic artist to express themselves without judgment. Her goal, too, is to have a place to come when you are not performing to try out new or developing jokes and getting honest, non-bias feedback. Hoping to see some new faces and excited to see the familiar.

The Buzzed Badger Location: 2047 B Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. We are next door to Fat Boys pizza, sitting in the corner of the strip mall. 

Laughter is a great way to connect. Like a Stephen King quote, “You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as he wants.” Everyone should have more laughter in their lives….you will longer. Learn how to laugh at yourself, find humor in something serious, or SUPPORT FUNNY PEOPLE by going to a comedy show.

Buzzed Badger is a coffee shop that also has smoothies and Panini, plus a couple of vegan pastries. However, you are not obligated to make any purchases. All we ask is your support for our local comedians. Laugh a little or a lot. Either way, it’ll be fun.


Local Artist

Local Artist

Recently met an amazing artist, Renee Grossman, that blessed the shop with some of her beautiful art. She is not only a really awesome artist; she is equally an awesome person. Artwork for sale at the Buzzed Badger. Prices range from $15-50. Paintings, sketches, and prints are of colorful Colorado mountains and funky abstract art. Stop by to take a look at the work on display. More pieces are on her website. If you want art in her colorful abstract style for tattoos, wall art, or your specific color scheme, swing by the Buzzed Badger for her information.

Keep an eye open for additional products coming to the Buzzed Badger. As a Jill of many crafts, I will have different things available for sale. Vegan baked options are currently available: banana nut muffins, avocado and almond chocolate cake, vanilla cake… trying out new recipes weekly. Pastries $1.50-2.50.

Buzzed Badger, 2047 B Street, Suite A, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Feeling a Little Nostalgic

This week marks 5 years Jemarie and I have been married. If we had never meet, there would have not been a Buzzed Badger. Six years ago I was in a dark place… matter of fact, it will be hard to find a picture of me with a sincere smile between 2009-2011. We officially met at the Martini Bar in Hattiesburg, MS while Jemarie was hosting a comedy show. My friends drug me out and the whole time I was thinking how I needed to go home and finish my sketch of a couch (was pursing an interior design undergraduate degree). Until this lady sat down with me. She’s so funny!!! Actually I think she is more funny one on one. Anyway. Joy, silliness, and love pours out this lady. For our anniversary she decided to give comedy another shot. On Wednesday, August 9th, she will be at an Open Mic at Loonees Comedy Show (COS, Academy). Really excited for her to share her laughs with everyone.

Her sense of humor got me out of my dark space and afforded me the confidence to “do me.” Literally. She makes fun of me a lot, ensuring I better feel pretty darn good about what I am doing and she holds me accountable at the same time. Jemarie has pushed me into living openly with scares and all, because she has made me feel beautiful on the account of them. Her love have led me to being my own kind of Honey Badger…If you never seen the youtube video about a Honey Badger … Um. You need to. It is NSFW, so keep that in mind when you watch it. What I got out of it was the Honey Badger is one resilient MF. That is where I got the named Buzzed Badger from. I have been drinking coffee since I was a little girl, starting with coffee milk advancing to only drinking black in public. Then I like to believe I have the same resiliency of a Honey Badger, “do what I wanna.” It may not be the most popular or wise decisions, but I go forward with the support of Jemarie and her making fun along the way. Come check her out this Wednesday. You will not be disappointed. 

finger snap applause…

finger snap applause…

Two strong, empowered women are performing this week. I have worked with Rosenna in a few bi-weekly talks at the Buzzed Badger. We have talked about everything from capital of relationships to the feminist movement to self-defense. Have not had the pleasure to meet Cassy in person, but I feel like I know her through her wonderful poetry. Come join us, FREE, on Friday at 11AM at the Buzzed Badger to hear her live.

Rouge Scholar

Rosenna Bakari, aka Rouge Scholar, will be preforming at Spice Island Grill on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd. Every woman of every race, class, sexual orientation and religion can relate to the societal pressure to take care of men and be subservient to them. Physical violence, sexual violation and emotional intimidation are far too familiar to women. Dr. Bakari explores the oppressive prevalence of male harm toward females in a prolific, four-part, critical poem theory. Part one reinterprets the biblical account of original sin and explains the evolution of male dominance. Part two identifies the characteristics of dominant males and the harm they cause females, directly and indirectly. Part three addresses well-meaning men who benefit from the male-dominance paradigm. Part four speaks hope and empowerment to women of the world…you may never look at the world the same.


Cassy Huidobro

Amazing artist from Colorado. Cassy has written poetry since the 5th grade. Sometimes she wrties for days, sometimes she needs a break. Cassy loved it and it was the dearest aspect of her childhood. Now as an adult, writing poems are the reflection of life or a response to poems she has read.

Cassy will be at the Buzzed Badger Friday, Aug. 4th at 11AM. Join us for a free brewed coffee or tea. 


Exert from “For Me”

…The stars dancing on

Your skin under

a brightly colored


The sky trembles

And the tide

Blushes, when your

Beautiful silhouette

Glides through this