Think Local

Thank you, Bidi and Fayro, for thinking about me when you wanted to take MADE Media out into the community. The broadcast yesterday was amazing. Never thought my humble wanting to just be good to people would bring such awesome people into my life.

The broadcast on Nov. 8, 2016 was about the election and today on the 9th is the first day with us living with our choice for the 45th pres14993439_234837920268343_6976106268105476169_nident- Donald Trump. I have spent my life surrounding myself with people who may or may NOT think like me – Because without inclusion, acceptance, and being real, we as humanity can not grow to evolve into a better society. So in saying that:

Congrats to Trump supporters!

It will pass to Clinton supporters!

And we need you independent thinkers that voted for third parties!

This morning when I woke up, I was shocked to see how many people fell apart and dropped out of social media, because they could not handle people who think different from them. But to make it simple, everyone is scared where we are headed as a country no matter who you voted for. But the biggest thing that should be taken from this hoopla of 2016 Election – We as a country need to learn how the government works. In our education system, we really do not teach our future voters how the government works and we do not put enough focus on the local government. What baffles me is how do we re-elect our local politicians, but then complain what happens in Washington, DC? Who in the world do you think are the worker bees and put words into action for America?

I want to see an America where your race, religion, sexual orientation, identified gender, or wealth is a none factor. I want to see an America where your character is the defining element on how you are treated and the success of your life. Ā  -Me, Shanyka Lock-Alcordo


I have included a child-down graph of how the government works. The thing I want to point out here is: there are checks and balances and all pieces of government overlap at some point. While you are in line at the grocery store or sitting there ignoring people by playing with your phone…. Research. Look up. Google about the government and read on the 3 branches (Executive, Judicial, and Legislative) and how things you LOVE and HATE about how things are going has happened. We need to unite as a country and definitely not go back “to the good ole days.” The good ole days just shows us how far we have come as a country and how much potential we have for growth in the future.

What kind of change do you want to see?

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