Love the Holiday Spirit

I, Shanyka, no longer celebrate Christmas…But gosh how I love the Holiday Spirit of genuine, good-hearted people. This past Thursday, Thanksgiving, we brought our food to the shop and shared with the awesome guys of Shampoo Barber Shop (two doors downs). We had a few lonely soldiers come by to break bread and fellowship with us. It felt really good we created a place for people who felt damn near trapped in their barracks to have a place to go. We also had a random guy, who thought we were a “members only” club stop by and was in complete disbelief we were asking him to fix a plate and the cost was his quality time.

Are you the change you want to see in the world?

This is the time to ask yourself that exact question… Are you the change you want to see? No matter how small your efforts, every action has a butterfly effect and is intertwined into everything else. If you continue to see negativity surrounding you, the first step is change your thoughts then your reactions.  Positivity brings more positivity.

LOL. For example, I met a young man named “Ramsey” and I immediately asked about Dave Ramsey, famous financial guy… theimages-36 young guy laughs and says I prefer when people think of Rameses, Egyptian Pharaoh, from DreamWork’s Prince of Egypt. Then he said next time we cross paths he would quote something from the movie. I am sitting here as I type this blog watching the movie, that I can most certainly confirm it will lead to a marathon of animated movies. How can you not walk away feeling good after a day of happy endings? Nothing like biblical history in cartoon form to keep me entertained.

I am going to leave on the note…if you are a Christian (or not), you should read and ANALYSIS the stories in the Bible at least once in your lifetime. As a non-christian, there are a few life lessons to appreciate and a few that should lead to questioning our personal role in humanity.

2 thoughts on “Love the Holiday Spirit

  1. Well stated about life lessons from the Bible. But what touched me, and others, the most is your genuine loving attitude towards others on a daily basis. Actions always speak louder than words. I wish I were closer so I could stop in a have a cup of coffee and a great conversation. Sending love from me and Lennon ( 8 months now)
    Ju & Lennon


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