3 Months and Going Strong

img_0964 The daily goal: Wake up at 4:50AM. Make kick ass coffee. Be kind to our community. Then repeat all over again tomorrow.

3 months ago was a very scary time for us, but we stepped out on a limb. We went from hoping we make at least $50 to seeing the potential of breaking even. All in 12 weeks!!! It usually take companies a minimum of a year to see that light at the end of the tunnel. A few things have changed since Aug/Sept to our menu and variety of things we offer. The Buzzed Badger started off with a LONG list of espresso and coffee drinks, plus 5 basic smoothies. We now offer Panini, Bagels, and Snacks. Those sandwiches has been a game changer. Some days we sell more Panini style sandwiches than lattes…so funny to me. I pour my heart into those lattes, but these sandwiches are killing it. LOL. But I have to admit, they are delicious and I have one darn near daily.

Don’t be mislead, though. We have our struggles, too, as a business. We cannot figure out the pastry situation. It has cost us, as a business, to offer pastries and we have tried three different bakers with a wide array of choices. They all have been fails, we ended up donating (or eating) the inventory. It is to the point we do not offer “fresh” baked goods any longer. Also, our location has been a challenge. People look for us and they cannot find us tucked in a corner of a strip mall. Many people from the community are in shocked…Then they are grateful we chose to be here at 2047 B Street. This particular location has a negative history and we are making this a positive place for people to hang out and join in on a little football, Netflix, Sling, or a good old fashion face-to-face conversation.

We are honored to be able to run a business of our dreams while doing the things we love. Between Jemarie and myself, Shanyka, we are able to give our time to a level 1 middle school basketball team in Colorado Springs, get physically fit while including the community, and upcycling random things that come across our way. Thank you for your support in any form. Looking forward to 2017, we have more up our sleeves. 😉

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