Summary of Between Meals

We had two great meet ups over the last month. The first meeting was about Human Capital: How to utilize people in our lives for personal growth. Rosenna Bakari, published author and psychologist, enlightened the ladies that joined in on the April 12th about actively engaging with the people around us. If you live your life with purpose, due to the law of attraction, you will start gathering friends/acquaintances they live for their purpose.

Question for thought:

Would you rather have 100 pennies or one dollar?

The answer is pretty easy, you rather carry the $1 bill, because it is lighter and have more value per unit. People can add (or take away) value to your life and you have to think about how they add to your personal growth. When you start living with a purpose, the “pennies” start falling off and you start picking up more “dollar bills”.

Then finally name your 5 closest friends and ask yourself:

  • Do they support me, truly as myself?
  • Do they listen to me when I talk?
  • Are they understanding of my spiritual beliefs?
  • Do they respect my opinion?
  • Can I call them / depend on them for help?


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