Roseanne Bakari, Author/Psy Between Meals: Sexual Consent Feedback

Great talk. Honestly I thought it would be a little too heavy, even though it is a topic that needS to be discussed with every female and male hitting puberty. Before the meeting started off, I introduced a Netflix documentary, Ascent of Women…. then Rosenna and her intern asked “What about BEFORE then….????” The conversation after: MIND BLOWN, I AM ENLIGHTENED.

Rules to sexual consent is simple. Only 4 steps and they apply to all genders.

  1. Able to give consent: No brainer. All people must be awake and aware what’s happening. If you haven’t seen the Tea Consent Video, this breaks it down. Watch it.
  2. Consent to initiate: This one is awkward. But awkward and safe is far better than not. Ask for permission before initiating touch/sex or if you are comfortable before the person asks… let them know it is okay.
  3. Consent for duration of contact: You can stop at anytime. If you change your mind mid-way through or become uncomfortable, it is okay to give a hard no and redirect what is happening. Only you are in charge of your body.
  4. Consent for protection: If you cannot have a conversation about protection and contraception, then you are not ready. In addition, when you change your protection and contraception choices…YOU NEED TO INFORM YOUR PARTNER. As adults you need to be able to openly talk about sex with your partner, if you can’t…there is a problem.

No one following all these rules end up violating a person unknowingly. Stay safe. 

Next meeting is Wednesday, June 14 at 1:30PM-3:00PM. We will be discussing Diversifying the Feminist Movement with Rosenna Bakari. Exciting topic. You also can see Dr. Bakari’s Part 1-3 of her 5 part poem Original Sin on Youtube.

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