Baking, Hon-tey. <3

The Buzzed Badger has an oven now. Excited is an understatement. So far have not baked too much of a variety: sugar cookies, blueberry muffins, coffee cake, and mexican brownies (brownies with cayenne and cinnamon). My cookie game is off, WAYYYYYYYY off. For a full disclosure, I am not a baker. I can slay in the kitchen and give you a wonderful meal from start to finish, but if I bake something….be worried. Its a personal thing, love to touch and see meals from the beginning until it hits your plate. It might be a while before I bake cookies again. Cookies will not beat me.

Every week, I try out a new recipe that might do well in the shop. The coffee cake and blueberry muffins will be in permanent rotation. Presentation of these two will be my next side project. Last week, the blueberry muffin was perfected with the yummy walnut crumbs. Life was given. Matter fact they were so good, I just wanted to share them and gave them to customers that sat and drank coffee with me. Next week will be scone week. I am on the prowl for an awesome scone recipe – If you have one, please send it to me on Facebook Message or to I will also take suggestions, making plain brownies just for one of my regular customers. You welc.


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