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Two strong, empowered women are performing this week. I have worked with Rosenna in a few bi-weekly talks at the Buzzed Badger. We have talked about everything from capital of relationships to the feminist movement to self-defense. Have not had the pleasure to meet Cassy in person, but I feel like I know her through her wonderful poetry. Come join us, FREE, on Friday at 11AM at the Buzzed Badger to hear her live.

Rouge Scholar

Rosenna Bakari, aka Rouge Scholar, will be preforming at Spice Island Grill on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd.ย Every woman of every race, class, sexual orientation and religion can relate to the societal pressure to take care of men and be subservient to them. Physical violence, sexual violation and emotional intimidation are far too familiar to women. Dr. Bakari explores the oppressive prevalence of male harm toward females in a prolific, four-part, critical poem theory. Part one reinterprets the biblical account of original sin and explains the evolution of male dominance. Part two identifies the characteristics of dominant males and the harm they cause females, directly and indirectly. Part three addresses well-meaning men who benefit from the male-dominance paradigm. Part four speaks hope and empowerment to women of the world…you may never look at the world the same.


Cassy Huidobro

Amazing artist from Colorado. Cassy has written poetry since the 5th grade. Sometimes she wrties for days, sometimes she needs a break. Cassy loved it and it was the dearest aspect of her childhood. Now as an adult, writing poems are the reflection of life or a response to poems she has read.

Cassy will be at the Buzzed Badger Friday, Aug. 4th at 11AM. Join us for a free brewed coffee or tea.ย 


Exert from “For Me”

…The stars dancing on

Your skin under

a brightly colored


The sky trembles

And the tide

Blushes, when your

Beautiful silhouette

Glides through this




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