Feeling a Little Nostalgic

This week marks 5 years Jemarie and I have been married. If we had never meet, there would have not been a Buzzed Badger. Six years ago I was in a dark place… matter of fact, it will be hard to find a picture of me with a sincere smile between 2009-2011. We officially met at the Martini Bar in Hattiesburg, MS while Jemarie was hosting a comedy show. My friends drug me out and the whole time I was thinking how I needed to go home and finish my sketch of a couch (was pursing an interior design undergraduate degree). Until this lady sat down with me. She’s so funny!!! Actually I think she is more funny one on one. Anyway. Joy, silliness, and love pours out this lady. For our anniversary she decided to give comedy another shot. On Wednesday, August 9th, she will be at an Open Mic at Loonees Comedy Show (COS, Academy). Really excited for her to share her laughs with everyone.

Her sense of humor got me out of my dark space and afforded me the confidence to “do me.” Literally. She makes fun of me a lot, ensuring I better feel pretty darn good about what I am doing and she holds me accountable at the same time. Jemarie has pushed me into living openly with scares and all, because she has made me feel beautiful on the account of them. Her love have led me to being my own kind of Honey Badger…If you never seen the youtube video about a Honey Badger … Um. You need to. It is NSFW, so keep that in mind when you watch it. What I got out of it was the Honey Badger is one resilient MF. That is where I got the named Buzzed Badger from. I have been drinking coffee since I was a little girl, starting with coffee milk advancing to only drinking black in public. Then I like to believe I have the same resiliency of a Honey Badger, “do what I wanna.” It may not be the most popular or wise decisions, but I go forward with the support of Jemarie and her making fun along the way. Come check her out this Wednesday. You will not be disappointed. 

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