Local Artist

Recently met an amazing artist, Renee Grossman, that blessed the shop with some of her beautiful art. She is not only a really awesome artist; she is equally an awesome person. Artwork for sale at the Buzzed Badger. Prices range from $15-50. Paintings, sketches, and prints are of colorful Colorado mountains and funky abstract art. Stop by to take a look at the work on display. More pieces are on her website. If you want art in her colorful abstract style for tattoos, wall art, or your specific color scheme, swing by the Buzzed Badger for her information.

Keep an eye open for additional products coming to the Buzzed Badger. As a Jill of many crafts, I will have different things available for sale. Vegan baked options are currently available: banana nut muffins, avocado and almond chocolate cake, vanilla cake… trying out new recipes weekly. Pastries $1.50-2.50.

Buzzed Badger, 2047 B Street, Suite A, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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