Happy 1 Year Anniversary

It has been one heck of a year. Three friends with a crazy notion of creating a comfortable place to come by and simply hangout. We risked it all, I quit my job and my wife with her closet friend gave me their trust (and money) to open the Buzzed Badger on B Street. This area is very neglected in Colorado Springs, but we wanted to be a diamond in the rough. We kicked off the opening of the Buzzed Badger in 2016 at the American Legion Post 38’s Annual Suicide Prevention Poker Run and started our 2nd year on the same note. Within our first months, we held a trunk or treat, invited Made Media to discuss Presidential Candidates, and did several hikes with a few regulars. Plus I may or may not have learned how to make beer in the past 12 months…

Quite a few great connections in the Buzzed Badger on B Street. I have met authors, politicians, TEDX presenters, future leaders, awesome athletes, and kick butt soldiers in this little corner of the College Plaza (by 7/11 with the gas). To address the elephant in the room, this cornered space has had a checkered pass and known for not so great things. By the way, still looking for someone to show me how to smudge this space. DEAD. SERIOUS. I am not religious, but I am open to some good juju. The interesting people I have met have opened up a different world to me and excited to see where 2017/2018 takes this crew.

This 2nd year of Buzzed Badger is going to be just as full of great things. Jemarie and Shanyka have planned more comedy, music, poetry, and community this 2017/2018. Jemarie will be coaching a girl’s basketball at Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy for a 2nd year and performing her comedy in the coffee shop and at other venues in Colorado Springs. Shanyka will participate in Fort Carson’s Spartan Races and performing poetry at different venues. Together, the duo, will be starting a new podcast, playing rugby in COS, and hosting local musicians at The Buzzed Badger. Stay connected to our calendar at buzzedbadger.com.

Shout out to all the soldiers who have stopped by before leaving for whatever reason and  saying “hi” when you return. You all are in our minds and hearts. Thank you for all you do. Because we are not FB friends or talk on the regular, I haven’t forgotten…I still remember you.

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