Happy Thanksgiving.

Only a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Last year we set up the coffee shop and feed friends and strangers. The experience was amazing, because we were able to share our small space with the reason we decided to open the shop on B Street. If you know your history – thanksgiving isn’t necessarily a heart-warming story for Native Americans, but Thanksgiving does mark the beginning of the “Holidays.” Take this opportunity to cherish the time you get to spend with the people you love – the ones you chose and the ones you were born with. Here are 5 free….or super cheap… things you can do this holiday:

  • Surprise a friend with a gift. I do not celebrate Christmas, but I love all my friends to pieces. Make a gift basket/box for a friend to let them know you are thinking about them. Throw in lemons, bags of tea, honey, and peppermint for a Toddy (I personally add a little bottle of bourbon) or stuff for a bath from the Dollar Store.
  • Read a book to the kids. During the holidays, you may be around a lot of kids and take this opportunity grab a book and make a show out of it. If it is a short book, band a couple of adults together and make a short play. The kids would love it and remember it for years to come.
  • Group wrapping. Invite people over for a pot-luck and have them help wrap presents. If y’all are crafty, have everyone decorate and personalize each gift with cool themed items. (hit up Pinterest)
  • Say hi to your neighbors. Do you know your neighbors? Me either. Grab a holiday-themed basket, throw in some cookies and a card, and hand deliver to your nearby neighbors.
  • Volunteer with a group. Nothing like giving back and serving your community. Contact local organizations you are passionate about to see if they are looking for help. My social anxiety led me to volunteer at the humane society and loved every second of it. If you enjoy it enough, it may become part of your regular routine.

Happy Thanksgiving!