Need a Street Artist.

The Buzzed Badger is located on B Street in Colorado Springs. It blows my mind our zip code is 80906, it includes a demographic that can do something about the short eyesore called B Street that leads directly to gate 4 of Fort Carson. Every morning, I see a fleet of cars headed to work however rarely stopping at the many businesses in the 2000 Block. Many people in Colorado Springs are unfamiliar with B Street or terrified to look left or right when going to the VERY few businesses located here. I have the vision to change it, but I want to partner up with an artist who is a visionary.

The suite I am located in has a horrible representation and it is sometimes easier to ignore an issue than to do something about it.  The past has shown me this way of thinking will worsen the situation. B Street is neglected and needs a little TLC. It can not afford to be ignored and abandoned any longer. Soldiers, the civilians that serve them at Carson, and the business owners here deserve better. Within the next 5 years, the city is doing a $600 million face-lift to create more hotels, restaurants, 10-mile running trail (super excited about, BTW), and a few other things that are focused on Downtown COS. I do not know for certain, but I am confident B Street will not be part of that. So the person who will be my figurative partner in crime will need to have a business mind, be ambitious, and tough as nails.

If you are looking to create a little change, please contact me at 719-466-7380,, or any of my buzzedbadger handles on social media.