About us


Shanyka and Jemarie’s first date was filled with excitement when they discovered both their dreams were owning a coffee shop. Who would have thought that date would have lead to marriage, moving cross country, and actually opening a coffee shop? No one. It is crazy how meeting the right person put all the blocks in place to living your dream.

Many ask why the Buzzed Badger… Welp, caffeine is their drug of choice and the day is not right without their morning Buzz. Shanyka is a rebel at heart, desires BADLY be a Honey Badger, even though she is just a softy and honesty is her weakness.  Jemarie is the more level-headed of the two… that is not saying a bunch. They are a spontaneous duo that never have a dull moment in their lives and enjoy sharing the stories of their adventures. Jemarie’s passion for life can be felt when you walk into the room. The Buzzed Badger is in the beginning of its establishment. Community will be the goal for the two as the Buzzed Badger lay down roots and grow from it’s modest start.