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The Future of Buzzed Badger

Last month closed the end of two years as the Buzzed Badger and we are marching towards our third year with even more excitement for the community than before. Having a business in Southeast, I won’t lie, has been a change and I understand why people (as business owners) decide to go closer to the Powers Corridor. But I see so much potential, Southeast Colorado Springs has tons of diversity and I can see the pride, resiliency, and connected family units in the residence in this area. The city is putting the efforts in improving Southeast, however, it is up to the community to energize the city towards change. The community has to support the local businesses to generate more jobs and cash flow in this area. We are an urban community with a mixture of cultures that need to be shared with the rest of Colorado Springs. I am working with Thrive! of Colorado Springs to bring something to the community to bring big changes. I’m asking my current loyal customers to be patient with me during this time. I know it has been a crazy, unpredictable first quarter and so many changes.

IMG_1954 As the Buzzed Badger herself, Shanyka, I do not appreciate being put into a box (unless you’re talking about my #blackgirlmagic). But as a triple minority and married to the military, I understand the adversities of many groups of disparity. Being a black, lesbian, women I have been denied or not always given the keys to success – Hell, sometimes you gotta just break the damn lock. I could not find a career that fit who I was and felt like I had to become a chameleon to rise within an organization. It never seemed I would ever reach my full potential living the way I thought “success” was supposed to look like. One day I just stop giving a shit!  I started to gauge my success by my happiness and the freedom to do what I wanna. I couldn’t find a fulfilling career, so I created one. My dream is to see that within my community. See individuals who are able to have the foundation to create an economic opportunity for themselves, understand how to become truly financially free, and live as the person you were meant to be. I am busy making it happen…

I would love some feedback. What would citizens of Colorado Springs like to have or see more of within the city? How could Southeast improve in your opinion?

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