Baking, Hon-tey. <3

Baking, Hon-tey. <3

The Buzzed Badger has an oven now. Excited is an understatement. So far have not baked too much of a variety: sugar cookies, blueberry muffins, coffee cake, and mexican brownies (brownies with cayenne and cinnamon). My cookie game is off, WAYYYYYYYY off. For a full disclosure, I am not a baker. I can slay in the kitchen and give you a wonderful meal from start to finish, but if I bake something….be worried. Its a personal thing, love to touch and see meals from the beginning until it hits your plate. It might be a while before I bake cookies again. Cookies will not beat me.

Every week, I try out a new recipe that might do well in the shop. The coffee cake and blueberry muffins will be in permanent rotation. Presentation of these two will be my next side project. Last week, the blueberry muffin was perfected with the yummy walnut crumbs. Life was given. Matter fact they were so good, I just wanted to share them and gave them to customers that sat and drank coffee with me. Next week will be scone week. I am on the prowl for an awesome scone recipe – If you have one, please send it to me on Facebook Message or to I will also take suggestions, making plain brownies just for one of my regular customers. You welc.


Roseanne Bakari, Author/Psy Between Meals: Sexual Consent Feedback

Roseanne Bakari, Author/Psy Between Meals: Sexual Consent Feedback

Great talk. Honestly I thought it would be a little too heavy, even though it is a topic that needS to be discussed with every female and male hitting puberty. Before the meeting started off, I introduced a Netflix documentary, Ascent of Women…. then Rosenna and her intern asked “What about BEFORE then….????” The conversation after: MIND BLOWN, I AM ENLIGHTENED.

Rules to sexual consent is simple. Only 4 steps and they apply to all genders.

  1. Able to give consent: No brainer. All people must be awake and aware what’s happening. If you haven’t seen the Tea Consent Video, this breaks it down. Watch it.
  2. Consent to initiate: This one is awkward. But awkward and safe is far better than not. Ask for permission before initiating touch/sex or if you are comfortable before the person asks… let them know it is okay.
  3. Consent for duration of contact: You can stop at anytime. If you change your mind mid-way through or become uncomfortable, it is okay to give a hard no and redirect what is happening. Only you are in charge of your body.
  4. Consent for protection: If you cannot have a conversation about protection and contraception, then you are not ready. In addition, when you change your protection and contraception choices…YOU NEED TO INFORM YOUR PARTNER. As adults you need to be able to openly talk about sex with your partner, if you can’t…there is a problem.

No one following all these rules end up violating a person unknowingly. Stay safe. 

Next meeting is Wednesday, June 14 at 1:30PM-3:00PM. We will be discussing Diversifying the Feminist Movement with Rosenna Bakari. Exciting topic. You also can see Dr. Bakari’s Part 1-3 of her 5 part poem Original Sin on Youtube.

On the Money with Rosenna Bakari, Author/Psychologist

On the Money with Rosenna Bakari, Author/Psychologist

On. The. Money. This ladies are nothing short of that. We had a great talk about the psychology of money and how we earn/spend our dollars. All of us are in different stages of our career and successful in our own definition we set for ourselves.

Most of us are entrepreneurs and took the leap of starting a business. It was therapeutic to talk about the uncertainty of it all and how the initial setup is ultimately spending money and NOT making money. However the high when you see your efforts pay off is unmeasurable. In our discussion, we talked about not always getting paid with money. Many times you are paid in connections to other people, invitations to events, or the freedom.

One of the ladies is changing her career path, she has been practicing her business for many years. She moved out to Colorado and decided – Hey, I want to put that down and do something different. It was energizing seeing someone evolve right in front of you. We discussed what to do when you are ready to change your path and how to reinvent yourself. She left that day with a new career and a new spring in her step. That alone made the day triumphant.

HOWEVER, it did not stop there. A successful lady, who is not an entrepreneur, gave us atta-girls for our fearlessness in starting a business. She expressed that not everyone are entrepreneurs in spirit and it is still possible to live your life’s mission without being a business owner. This woman is a living testimony to that truth. If you are ambitious and recognize opportunities as they present themselves, you can do what you are passionate about. Her career has granted her the freedom to help people, create community, and work with people who are able to make a difference in our everyday lives.

Very grateful for the time I get to spend with these ladies. Unsure what the American Dream is, however I know what’s mine.  We are living ours truly…

Living the Dream. Define your own.

Next Between Meals: May 24 – What is sexual consent? Excellent meeting for dating individuals. You think you know, but you don’t. The only way to assure that you are practicing sexual consent is to know the rules. Lead by Rosenna Bakari, Author/Psy.

Fitness Focus

Fitness Focus

Reflecting over last Wednesday’s Between Meals Chat, Fitness Focus. Rosenna Bakari brought up a very easy formula to follow when thinking about fitness. There are 4 easy pillars:

  • Speed: Yes, being quick is a bonus, but it is more than just being fast. Speed also refers to the ability to recover from a workout, illness, or stressful situation quickly. Being fit is about a whole lifestyle, eating balanced and exercise regularly has to be part of your daily life. Ideally exercise 30 minutes, drink plenty of water, and get in 7 cups of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Balance: Mostly overlooked and there are not very many activities one can do to improve balance. The best thing is yoga and improved posture. Stream some examples and go for it at home.
  • Endurance: This equals how long you can do something. Nutrition, sleep, and mental space plays a large portion on how good you feel doing an activity. You have the option to take supplements like pre-workout drinks. Ideally, though, you will want to be able to have the endurance without a chemically induced drive.
  • Strength: Becoming strong gives you an effortless confidence. Especially women who are around men when working out will have an increase comfort in having difficult conversations. Think about fitness differently. The best take away is, if you can push, pull, lift, and lower your own weight – you are in a good place.

Remember your size does not matter. The most healthy life is filled with confidence, mobility, and sanity. Now, that’s sexy. 😉 Working out is self-care.

Attend our next Wednesday Between Meals: On the Money on May 10th with Rosenna Bakari, Author/Psychologist. We will talk about the way you think about money and how to add value to your life. Some people chase money, because they are too scared to chase their dream.

Summary of Between Meals

Summary of Between Meals

We had two great meet ups over the last month. The first meeting was about Human Capital: How to utilize people in our lives for personal growth. Rosenna Bakari, published author and psychologist, enlightened the ladies that joined in on the April 12th about actively engaging with the people around us. If you live your life with purpose, due to the law of attraction, you will start gathering friends/acquaintances they live for their purpose.

Question for thought:

Would you rather have 100 pennies or one dollar?

The answer is pretty easy, you rather carry the $1 bill, because it is lighter and have more value per unit. People can add (or take away) value to your life and you have to think about how they add to your personal growth. When you start living with a purpose, the “pennies” start falling off and you start picking up more “dollar bills”.

Then finally name your 5 closest friends and ask yourself:

  • Do they support me, truly as myself?
  • Do they listen to me when I talk?
  • Are they understanding of my spiritual beliefs?
  • Do they respect my opinion?
  • Can I call them / depend on them for help?


Between Meals with Rosenna Bakari Topic – Human Capital: How do we Utilize the People in Our Lives for Growth?

Between Meals with Rosenna Bakari Topic – Human Capital: How do we Utilize the People in Our Lives for Growth?

When was the last time your soul was fed? Aren’t you hungry? Buzzed Badger is offering some soul food Between Meals that can only be digested with the mind.

Every 2 & 4th Wednesday, starting April 12th, 1:30 – 3:00 pm we will be dishing out words of inspiration, encouragement, and support among community friends.

Topic for April 12th will be about “Human Capital: How do we utilize the people in our lives for growth?” Come out and join us in this informal chitimages-68 chat. Space is limited. So RSVP is appreciated.

Located at the Buzzed Badger. 2 Minutes outside Fort Carson Gate 4

2047 B Street (Hidden in the corner, next door to Fat Boys Pizza)

Text @ 7194667380 to RSVP

March Madness @ Buzzed Badger

March Madness @ Buzzed Badger

Less than 24 hours left before the NCAA March Madness begins… need to fill out a bracket? Feel free to join our MM Challenge.

To be honest, I (Shanyka) am not a huge fan of basketball. But, Man, do I love the competition. Creating a bracket by studying the stats and watching my teamsimages-64 kick butt…It feels like gambling without all the risk. The feeling of I told you my team is the best is satisfying in itself.  I have included the link below. In our Buzzed Badger league, win a free mug and unlimited respect from co-owner Jemarie, who lives and breathes basketball. LOL

Log in for some smack talk and lots of fun.

Join us on the official bracket game of NCAA  Capital One March Madness 2017 App! Brackets lock in on Thursday, March 16th at 2PM MT. May the best bracket win. BoOm!

Link: Capital One MM: Buzzed Badger

Click the link and search the Buzzed Badger name.